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  • No Such Thing as Writers Block at the Maui Writers Conference

    Mylen Yamamoto is a senior at California State University, Los Angeles.  Here she reports on her experiences at the recent Maui Writers Conference.

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  • Falling into Manholes: An Excerpt

     Read an excerpt from this "memoir of a bad/good girl."

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  • Falling Into Manholes: A Review

    The publicity people behind Wendy Merrill’s Putnam-published memoir proclaim her to be a “fabulous, new Everywoman.” In Falling Into Maholes, Wendy—the “Everywoman”—writes about life, love and loss. She examines her past as thoroughly as a medical examiner intent on filling in the blank for cause of death. Read More
  • Wendy Merrill: Magic on Maui

    For Wendy Merrill, the island of Maui has conjured one alluring literary trick after another. Wendy always wanted to publish her writing, but, like many of us, she was afraid. She had no idea how to go about it. Now, after realizing her dream, she still isn’t quite sure how it happened.

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  • Discover Genuine Experiences

    Chance and circumstance can either open or close doors.  But I’ve found that for those who are willing to slow down, keep their minds open and listen for opportunity, then good fortune provides the occasional amazing discovery...the open door.

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  • Favorite Movies Made in Hawaii

    Here's an overview of some of the movies made in Hawaii, beginning in 1937.

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  • Ten Trivia Tidbits from Hawaii's Hollywood History

    How well do you know Hawaii's history with Hollywood? Do you know how many movies John Wayne made in Hawaii? What beach Mitzi Gaynor washed that man right outta her hair? The author of the book from which George Clooney's newest movie was adapted? The year Hollywood first started filming in the Hawaiian Islands? Read on and learn more.

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  • Hula Is A Celebration of Life

    hula dancers perform on big island in honor of king david kalakauaHula is the highest form of respect. Kia says, “For us hula is life, because we can learn everything about life--everything about morals, everything about ethics, everything about our daily life, everything about how we should live--through hula.” In an oral tradition, hula served as the textbook for life. But it also took a more poetic, less didactic turn. Whether to serve as mnemonic memory devices or make the telling more interesting, the direct meanings that were intended to be conveyed in hula were cloaked in metaphors, illusions and personifications. Read More
  • Sustainable. Locavore. Green. Hawaiian.

    Ono Organic Farms dragon fruit on MauiSustainability. Green. Conservation. Environmental. Locavore. Whatever trendy term you call it, the movement to preserve our world isn't new. Living on islands now known to be the most remote body of land on the globe, Hawaiians were renowned for their Let's put it this way, whatever term you choose, those old time Hawaiians knew how to take care of their environment as if it was their living room. Or refrigerator. Or bathtub. Because, often, it was. Here are some stories about Hawaii's sustainability movement and how you can help. Read More
  • The Meditative Quality of Hawaii's Traditional Textile Craft

    close up of kapa maker handsIt’s mid-afternoon, the sun is pounding, and Sabra Kauka and I take cover under the shade of a robust noni tree, native to Polynesia, also known as the Indian mulberry, a tree that produces a fruit renowned for its medicinal properties--and smell. Some liken the aroma to blue cheese. Read More
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