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Snorkeling & Water Adventures

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  • Kauai Evokes A Sense of Place

    Napali Coast, Kauai, HawaiiThe sun rose at our backs and escorted us down Highway 50 on Kauai toward Port Allen, our embarkation point for a day’s adventure on the Pacific Ocean. Our journey would take us to Kalalau Valley along the iconic Napali Coast. Then, we’d traverse 17 miles of a sometimes rough ocean, crossing Kaulakahi Channel, to drop anchor on the north side of the privately-owned island of Niihau. When I asked my friend Laura, visiting from Loomis, California, whether she wanted to join me on a boating excursion to Napali and Niihau, she didn’t hesitate. “Yeah, baby,” she said. Read More
  • Kauai Reefs: Teeming with Life

    Trumpet fish and convict tangs by Wendy McIlroyThe boat rocked from port to starboard and back again, as regular as a metronome. A diminishing south swell that shut out all dive boat operations for the past week still churned the water—and my stomach. That may have explained my deadpan response to Captain George’s dive jokes, but that wasn’t all. It was early.

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  • Red: The Color of the Night

    Closeup of dragon eel by Wendy McIlroyThe first time I was scheduled to dive the area known as “Tunnels” on Kauai, there was an extremely low tide producing strong currents as the incoming water rushed back out to sea through a narrow channel. Another night, there was Hurricane Daniel, which was eventually downgraded to a Tropical Depression when it bypassed the island.

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  • Volunteering + Vacation = A Dream Come True

    Visitor Julie Honnert monitors endangered Hawaiian monk seals on KauaiWhen Julie Honnert comes to Kauai on vacation, she doesn't sit on the beach and read a book.  “One of my messages is volunteerism. I always tell people I am on vacation. Most people have never thought of it—volunteering on vacation. Many turn to their spouse and say, ‘Oh, honey, we should do this.’" Read More
  • Snorkeling Kauai

    Explore the undersea world at these favorite snorkeling beaches on Kauai's North Shore, South Shore, East Side, and West Side.

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  • Wendy McIlroy: On Kauai's Reefs

     Wendy McIlroy, veterinarian and scuba intructor, shares her thoughts on diving the waters of Kauai.

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  • Hawaii Summer Adventures

    ATV rider at Kualoa Ranch on OahuSummer is here! North Shore beaches like Waimea on Oahu and Hanalei on Kauai are swimming-friendly. Expect dry footing on hiking trails from Hilo to Hana. There's snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding for water lovers. Horseback riding, ziplining and ATVing for those who prefer a little ground under their feet. When it comes to adventure, Hawaii has it covered. What's your adventure pleasure? This collection of Hawaii adventures is sure to get you in the groove. Read More
  • Humpback Whale Guide

    Here you'll find tips on whale watching in Hawaii, the best points and peaks around the Hawaiians Islands to watch whales from land, things to think about before selecting a boat outfitter to get up close and personal with those behemoth 45-foot, 45 ton marine mammals. You'll also find a couple videos, an interview with a whale researcher and numerous blog articles and feature stories we've written about Hawaii's whales. We've also included a hand reference to those Outrigger properties with "whale-view rooms," so you can watch humpback whales breach, spy hop, pec slap, peduncle throw and fluke up dive from the comfort of your own lanai. Read More
  • Things You Can Do to Protect Coral Reefs

    Our world's coral reefs are precious and fragile. You may not live near one, but your health may rely on its health. There are many things you can do to help preserve our coral reefs, in Hawaii and beyond. This list is from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Coral Reef Conservation Program.

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  • How to Select a Whale Watching Boat Tour

    Whalewatching Waikoloa catamaran, Big IslandThere are dozens of boat companies from which to choose. They all offer “whale watching tours.” Many claim they are the best. Others guarantee you’ll see a whale. It can get a tad overwhelming. How is a person to decide? Here, we provide a few questions to ask—the boat operator and yourself—in order to make sure you experience a pleasurable whale watching outing. Read More
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