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  • The Magical, Mystical World of the Alakai Swamp

    red lehua blossomLast week, I headed to Kokee State Park on Kauai to do some hiking on the Alakai Swamp Trail at about 4,000-foot elevation. (This in order to train for my backpacking trip this Labor Day weekend through Haleakala National Park, at elevations starting at 9,740 feet.) Read More
  • Hiking Sleeping Giant. Training for Haleakala. And Michael Phelps.

    Hikers on Sleeping Giant trail, KauaiI hiked Sleeping Giant behind Kapaa last week. I’m headed to Oahu this week and hoping to squeeze in a hike. Didn't you just hike Kalalau Trail, you may be asking. What's up with all the hiking? I am actually training. But not for a sporting event. Hiking hasn't made it to the Olympics yet. (Neither has surfing, although some think it deserves a spot among the rings.) Read More
  • Hiking Kalalau Trail along Kauai's Famous Napali Coast

    I went for a hike along Kalalau Trail with friends last week, and shortly past the half-mile mark--after stopping to pose for photos with the dramatic Kee Beach as our backdrop--I looked up and caught my first glimpse of the distant Napali coastline. The cliffs stacked up like dominoes in the glaring, late afternoon sun, one after the other fading into the light. My feet stopped moving while my finger rose to point. My mouth opened and one word came out. “Look,” I said. Read More
  • Why I Chased the Transit of Venus

    venus transit across sunJune 5, 2012, started clear and sunny, as summer days do in Hawaii. Perfect for a day at the beach. Perfect for a sunburn, if you weren’t careful. And perfect for observing the planet Venus as it made its transit between the Earth and the sun. For about six-and-a-half hours, a dark spot would blemish the sun, looking like a perfect circle, no more than a freckle, really. Peering through a telescope, you might have mistaken the transit of Venus as possibly a mole on the very pregnant belly of a woman.

    Read More
  • Happy 99th Birthday Kilauea Lighthouse

    The 99th anniversary of Kilauea Point Lighthouse drew quite a crowd on Saturday, May 5, 2012. The weather forecast predicted a repeat of the day before: a line of marching squalls and gunmetal skies.

    Read More
  • A Hike with the Sleeping Giant Feeds Me

    lilikoi passionfruit flower on sleeping giant mountain, kauaiI visited Sleeping Giant the other day. He snatched my breath away in nearly the first step, wrapping his paw of a hand around my heart in an instant. Almost two years have passed since I last hiked the humble mountain known as Sleeping Giant situated behind the town of Kapaa on Kauai. And it shows. Read More
  • Kilauea Point Lighthouse Lens Revealed Again

    Kilauea Point lighthouse lens, close upThe wood finally came down. After a year-and-a-half behind a dome of plywood, the Kilauea Point Lighthouse lens is once again visible through its glass lantern room. Read More
  • A Weekend on Napali: Part Three

    rare hedyotis plant on kauaiThe camp kitchen had been set up. My tent was barely pitched and not a grain of sand had yet found its way into my sleeping bag when the two botanists geared up, both in long sleeved shirts, long pants and hats, and both toting bulging backpacks. Both, too, wearing studded tabi boots, a kind of Japanese fishing sock meets golf shoe that, apparently, is footwear de rigueur for botanists. I would soon learn why. Read More
  • The Quiet Force Behind Lawai International Center

    lawai international center, kauai, shrineThere are some people blessed with the poise of the Dalai Lama. They go through life exuding peace, not even Hurricane Irene could ruffle their feathers. I know two people, both women, like this. Whenever I think about adopting a more peaceful demeanor in my life, I think of Helen and Lynn. Read More
  • Another Friday Afternoon at Kilauea Point

    Kilauea Point lighthouse lens, close upIt’s just another Friday afternoon at the refuge, and I am blogging from “Birdville,” a.k.a. Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. The skies overhead are clearing, after a surprising squall provided a bit of cloud clover and respite from the hot sun. Not enough rain fell to clean the windshield, much less soak the soil outside the wedge-tailed shearwater burrows and leach its nourishing bird guano deep into the ground. Funny how Hawaii skies sneak up on you like that. Read More
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