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  • Mead: The Beverage of Choice for Honeymooners

    Quick: Do you know what mead is?  At our last ReefCheck, Stephanie Krieger mentioned her first bottling would take place in late July.  Mead? Mead?  I let the word float in my mind. Somewhere in the deep recesses, I’d heard the word before. Maybe it had to do with medieval times. That grog that friars drank, wasn’t that it?  “What is mead?” I asked Stephanie. Read More
  • A Dash of Aloha in My Fruit

    Yesterday, I made a smoothie with banana, papaya, mango and peanut butter. I plucked the bananas from the trees we received as a gift for a few minutes of my husband’s time, and I peeled the papayas and mangoes donated to me by friends.  It just could have been the best-tasting smoothie of my life.


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  • Should You Plan an Itinerary for your Hawaii Vacation?

    I have a question for you: When you go on vacation, do you make an itinerary?  Let it be known that I am an inveterate list-maker. Thinking about what I need to do tomorrow? I make a list. In my office ready to start my day? I make a list. Going grocery shopping? If I don’t have a list in hand when I leave the house, I sit in the car and make one before I walk in the store.  Why? Because I hate it when I forget something.

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  • In Search of Fish Tacos in Hawaii

    Stefanie loves Hawai’i, and, in particular, Kaua’i.  She was here last March with her mom.  A mere 10 months later, she returned with her boyfriend.  Normally Stefanie is a quiet, somewhat shy woman, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she wants.  When Eric and I invited the two over for dinner one night, I asked Stef if she had any special requests.  She didn’t hesitate.

    “Fish tacos,” she said.
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  • Kauai’s Blossoming Lotus: Closed

    First there was the banking bailout. Then, the auto. Unfortunately, no one bailed out one of my favorite restaurants on Kaua’i (or anywhere, for that matter). Blossoming Lotus closed its doors for good on New Year’s Eve.
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