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  • Hawaii-Style Graduation

    All across America, students are donning caps and gowns and walking into stadiums, gymnasiums and arenas to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance. It’s graduation season. Read More
  • Outdoor Showering: A Reason to Travel

    Showering in the outdoors is standard in Hawaii. Most state and county beach parks provide, at the least, a pipe with some semblance of shower fixture at head level. Others include a concrete pad with three or four showerheads radiating out of the top and the same number of foot showers about 12-inches off the ground. Read More
  • Kaui Hart Hemmings Hawaii's Cinderella

    The Descendants is a book that starts off as awkward as a newborn colt taking its first steps. But it gallops to the finish a good three lengths ahead of its nearest competitor and that’s what makes it stick in your mind. What author Kaui Hart Hemmings managed to do in her debut novel is present Hawaii in all its paradisiacal and real ways. She makes Hawaii accessible way to the rest of the world. You don’t just have to live in Hawaii, love Hawaii or have ever visited Hawaii to enjoy this book.

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  • Princess Kaiulani the Movie

    Not all of Hollywood’s movies make it to Hawaii. This Friday, however, a movie will open in a limited release—including the islands of Hawaii. Princess Kaiulani is a coming-of-age story of a young woman in Hawaii. The lead character in this movie was, indeed, a real woman and a real princess.

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  • Kauai Celebrates Prince Kuhio

    Tomorrow, the annual Prince Kuhio Celebration of the Arts commences.  The week-long event uses the example of Prince Kuhio to remind us of the importance of serving our communities and showcases many of the arts and cultural practices of our host community, including hula, canoe racing, salt making, music and, of course, food. 
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  • New Year's Resolution

    A couple weeks ago, a group of virtual writer friends started posting their goals for 2010. They could all be my own: Write more, publish more, stop procrastinating. But out of the dozens of New Year’s resolutions I read, one stood out. And ever since I read it, I have pondered it. Rolled it around in my mouth like my dog eats peanut M&Ms. Read More
  • Wild Pigs and White Sand Beaches in Hawaii

    When the first Polynesians roamed the vast Pacific in search of land, they loaded their canoes with all kinds of plants and animals to sustain themselves once they arrived at their destination—which turned out to be a place we call Hawai’i. One of the animals with which they arrived? Pigs. Pigs are culturally significant to Hawai’i, as you may know from attending a lu’au.  But did you know they roam wild in and around civilization? 

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  • Hawaii’s St. Damien

    Pope Benedict XVI canonized Jozef De Veuster yesterday, Rosary Sunday, October 11, 2009. In Hawai'i, we know him as Father Damien.  He arrived in Hawai’i on March 19, 1864 as Brother Damien. Two months later, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace ordained him a priest. In 1873, Father Damien asked to be assigned to a peninsula on the north shore of Moloka’i, known as Kalaupapa, where he could minister to the 816 Hawaiians who had been exiled there, because they suffered from Hansen’s Disease.


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  • Multi-Cultural Healing on Kauai

    For centuries Hawaiians traveled to a healing heiau (sacred site) in Lawai valley. Then, in the late 1800s, Asian immigrants arrived to work on sugar plantations and erected Taoist and Shinto temples. In 1904, a series of eighty-eight small Shingnon shrines--miniature temples with figures of wood and stone--were crafted and set along a path to replicate a traditional temple pilgrimage route of more than 1,000 miles in Shikoku, Japan, that was established more than 1,000 years ago. Read More
  • Possibility is Alive on Kauai

    Earlier in the day, as I chatted with the gas station attendant who pumped gas into my Jeep, we both commented on the day. Only a few clouds mingled above the mountaintops in the center of the island. The sky and the ocean gleamed a brighter blue than normal. It felt like a chocolate sundae kind of day. Read More
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