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Parasailing, gliding on the winds with a parachute while being pulled behind a power boat, is a relaxing and thrilling experience. If you can handle heights, you'll revel in the experience of being suspended in air while soaring above Kailua Bay. The water is so clear you can almost see the ocean floor. And no swimming is required; takeoffs and landings are from the back of the boat.

Equipment and Lessons

UFO Parasail. This parasailing outfitter runs across Kailua Bay and along the Kona Coast, hoisting you up to 1,200 feet in th air. There's an optional "free fall" that stops short of the water, adding the rush of a parachute descent. A powerboat and winch provide dry takeoffs and landings, and guests can "fly" alone or in tandem. Although the flight is short, the boat ride takes about one hour. Flying up to 600 feet for seven minutes is $65, while the "out of this world" 1,200-foot flight lasts 10 minutes and costs $85. If you just want to enjoy the boat ride, the cost is $35. 75-5669 Alii Dr., Kailua-Kona, HI, 96740. PHONE: 888/359-4836 or 808/325-5836.

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