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  • It's a TreeFest

    My husband’s last words when he left for work this morning were, “Don’t buy too much.” The man knows me well.  He knows I am like a kid in a candy store every November when it comes to Arbor Day.  Last year, because it was raining and the turnout was low, I returned home with a whopping 24 trees.  That meant 24 holes for him to dig. But I’m not the only child when it comes to trees. Read More
  • Top Things to Do on the Big Island

    Watch as fiery red lava pours, steaming, into the ocean; stare in awe at nighttime lava fireworks; and hike across the floor of a crater at Volcanoes National Park.

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  • Aerial Tours

    There's nothing quite like the aerial view of a waterfall that drops a couple thousand feet into natural pools, or seeing lava flow to the ocean, where clouds of steam billow into the air. You can get this bird's-eye view from a helicopter or a small fixed-wing aircraft. Although there have been a few cases of pilots violating flight paths and altitudes over resident communities in recent years, most operators are reputable and fly with strict adherence to FAA safety rules. How to get the best experience for your money? Before you hire a company, be a savvy traveler and ask the right questions. What kind of aircraft do they fly? Do they have two-way headsets so you can talk with the pilot? What is their safety record?

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  • Kona Coffee

    From the cafés, stores, and restaurants selling Kona coffee, to the farm tours, to the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, coffee is a major part of life on this side of the Big Island. More than 600 farms, most from just three to seven acres in size, grow the delicious—and luxurious, at generally more than $25 per pound—beans. Only coffee from the North and South Kona Districts can be called Kona.

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  • Top Reasons to Go to Big Island

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: Catch the lava fireworks at night and explore newly made land, lava tubes, steam vents, and giant craters.

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