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  • Kona Coffee

    From the cafés, stores, and restaurants selling Kona coffee, to the farm tours, to the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, coffee is a major part of life on this side of the Big Island. More than 600 farms, most from just three to seven acres in size, grow the delicious—and luxurious, at generally more than $25 per pound—beans. Only coffee from the North and South Kona Districts can be called Kona.

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  • Top Reasons to Go to Big Island

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: Catch the lava fireworks at night and explore newly made land, lava tubes, steam vents, and giant craters.

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  • W. M. Keck Observatory Headquarters Vistors Center

    If you are keen on astronomy but don't have time to go all the way to the summit, visit Keck Observatory headquarters right in Waimea, with its educational exhibits and informed staff. You can see models and images taken from the twin 10-meter Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea and learn about the latest discoveries. OPEN: Tues.--Fri. 10--2 (Docent Program).

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  • Volcano Farmers' Market

    Local produce, flowers, crafts, and food products are available every Sunday morning at one of the better farmers' markets on the island. It's best to get there early, before 7 am, as vendors tend to sell out of the best stuff quickly. There's also a great bookstore (paperbacks 50¢, hardbacks $1, and magazines 10¢), and a thrift store with clothes and knickknacks. There are also more prepared-food vendors at the Volcano market than Hilo's, with such temptations as fresh-baked breads and pastries, vegetarian lunch items and homemade Thai specialties. OPEN: Sun. 6--10 am.

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  • Star of the Sea Painted Church

    This historic church, now a community center, was moved to its present location in 1990 just ahead of the advancing lava flow that destroyed the Kalapana area. The church, which dates from the 1930s, was built by a Belgian Catholic missionary priest, Father Evarest Gielen, who also did the detailed paintings on the church's interior. Though similar in style, the Star of the Sea and St. Benedict's were actually painted by two different Belgian Catholic missionary priests. Star of the Sea also has several lovely stained-glass windows.

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