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  • The Hawaii Farmers Market Cookbook

    Ono Organic Farms dragon fruit on MauiFrom Watermark Publishing, The Farmers Market Cookbook is chock full of recipes and ideas of what to do with those interesting fruits and vegetables you find at farmers markets across Hawaii.  The beauty of this book is that it isn’t meant to sit in the kitchen. It makes a handy companion to tuck into your reusable bag that you carry for stashing all your Hawaii farmers market finds. Read More
  • Hawaii Added to UNECSO World Heritage List

    Noting its significant natural and cultural values, this past summer, on July 30, 2010, UNESCO’s World Heritage Organization inscribed Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument to its World Heritage List. The Monument, also known as the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, is a 140,000-square-mile-swath of ocean and islands running from Nihoa at the southern end to Kure Atoll at the north. In 2006, it was proclaimed a U.S. National Marine Monument by presidential order and is the largest marine protected area in the United States and nearly the world. Read More
  • Signs of Spring

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  • Top Things to Do on the Big Island

    Watch as fiery red lava pours, steaming, into the ocean; stare in awe at nighttime lava fireworks; and hike across the floor of a crater at Volcanoes National Park.

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  • Aerial Tours

    There's nothing quite like the aerial view of a waterfall that drops a couple thousand feet into natural pools, or seeing lava flow to the ocean, where clouds of steam billow into the air. You can get this bird's-eye view from a helicopter or a small fixed-wing aircraft. Although there have been a few cases of pilots violating flight paths and altitudes over resident communities in recent years, most operators are reputable and fly with strict adherence to FAA safety rules. How to get the best experience for your money? Before you hire a company, be a savvy traveler and ask the right questions. What kind of aircraft do they fly? Do they have two-way headsets so you can talk with the pilot? What is their safety record?

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