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  • Hilo Coffee Mill

    With all the buzz about Kona coffee, it's easy to forget that coffee is produced throughout the rest of the island as well. The Hilo Coffee Mill is a pleasant reminder of that fact. In addition to farming their own coffee on-site, the Mill has partnered with several local small coffee farmers in East Hawaii in an effort to put the region on the world's coffee map. You can sample the efforts of the farmers, as well as tour the mill and watch the roasters in action. COST: Free. OPEN: Mon.--Sat. 7--4.

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  • Hawi and Kapaau

    Near the birthplace of King Kamehameha, these North Kohala towns thrived during the plantation days, once bustling with hotels, saloons, and theaters—even a railroad. They took a hit when "Big Sugar" left the island, but both towns are blossoming once again today, thanks to strong local communities, tourism, and an influx of artists keen on honoring the towns' past. Lovingly restored vintage buildings house fun and funky shops, galleries, and eateries.

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  • Hikiau Heiau

    This stone platform was once an impressive temple dedicated to the god Lono. When Captain Cook arrived in 1778, ceremonies in his honor were held here.

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  • Greenwell Store

    Established in 1850, the homestead of Henry N. Greenwell served as cattle ranch, sheep station, store, post office, and family home all in one. Now, all that remains is the 1875 stone structure, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It houses a fascinating museum that has exhibits on ranching and coffee farming. It's also headquarters for the Kona Historical Society, which organizes walking tours of Kailua-Kona. COST: $7. OPEN: Mon.--Thurs. 10--2.

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  • Haili Church

    This church was originally constructed in 1859 by New England missionaries, but the church steeple was rebuilt in 1979 following a fire. The church is known for its choir, which sings hymns in Hawaiian during services.

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