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  • Ten Fascinating Facts about Seahorses that I Learned from Ocean Rider

    seahorse at ocean rider on big islandOn three oceanfront acres just south of Kailua-Kona airport on Hawaii (Big) Island, an unusual fish farm quietly operates. For 13 years, Ocean Rider has bred and raised seahorses. That’s right, seahorses. They really do exist. Read More
  • NASA Astronauts. Scientists. And Hawaiian Gods & Goddesses.

    mauna kea observatories on big islandMauna Kea rises to 13,796 feet above the sea, centrally located in the middle of Hawaii’s largest island—Hawaii, also known as Big Island. It is the tallest mountain in the Hawaiian archipelago and, measured from its base at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, is the tallest mountain in the world, besting Mt. Everest by a whopping 4,441 feet. Read More
  • Beyond the Rim: Hiking Volcanoes National Park with a Guide

    Warren Costa, Volcanoes National Park guideKilauea is like that. It engenders deeper exploration. So you may hike Kilauea Iki Trail, you may walk through Thurston Lava Tube, and you may even make the 36-mile round-trip drive down Chain of Craters Road at sunset to—hopefully—witness distant streams of surface lava flowing to the sea. But then what? Read More
  • Hiking the Hills--and Mountains and Giants--of Hawaii

    Hikers on Sleeping Giant trail, KauaiThat's the thing about hiking in Hawaii. There's hiking along coastlines. There's hiking in urban settings. And, of course, there are hiking trails on mountain ridges, along cliffsides, and through canyons and valleys. As well, there is hiking with giants and kings and demi-gods. There's even a hike through the highest-elevation swamp in the world. Talk about variety. Read More
  • Rubbernecking at Kilauea Volcano

    sunset behind jagger museum at volcanoes national parkOn my last visit a few weeks ago, Halemaumau Trail was closed at the seam where the trail’s descent through a shady rainforest met up with the desolate crater floor, a demarcation line as distinct as blue and red in this upcoming election. A few years ago, a lava lake at the southeastern end of Halemaumau Crater started to generate excitement. It split open the crater floor and has grown to nearly 500 feet in diameter and more than 600 feet deep. This “pit within a pit” is the reason for the glow that is visible after sunset from the Jagger Museum. This week, I read that the level of this lava lake was rising quickly and threatened to flood the floor of Halemaumau Crater. Read More
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