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  • My Cuppa Tea Is, Well, Tea

    So, I already confessed that I am not a coffe lover.  My second confession is I snuck away from the Kona Coffee Festival to visit with Eva Lee.  Why?  Because Eva grows tea, and I do like tea.  Very much so.  Eva serves up a beautiful tea tasting in the ohia lehua and giant hapu’u fern forest in which she lives in Volcano, Hawaii.
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  • When in Kona, Drink (Coffee) Like a Fish

    Kona coffee cupping competition judge takes a good sniffI am sitting on the lanai of the Keauhou Beach Resort on Big Island.  On one side of me, turtles lounge in tide pools and the Pacific Ocean sweeps beyond the horizon.  On the other side, five very serious people wearing aprons slurp, swoosh and spit.  Loudly.  It’s like a contest for who can make the most noise.  You might think I am watching–and listening to–children, but these are adults.  They’re carrying on this way, because they are judges for the annual Kona Coffee Cupping Competition. Read More
  • The Plate Lunch Tradition

    To experience island history first-hand, take a seat at one of Hawaii's ubiquitous "plate lunch" eateries, and order a segmented Styrofoam plate piled with rice, macaroni salad, and maybe some fiery pickled vegetable condiment.

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  • Top 10 Hawaiian Foods to Try

    Food in Hawaii is a reflection of the state’s diverse cultural makeup and tropical location. Fresh seafood, organic fruits and vegetables, free-range poultry and meat, and locally grown products are the hallmarks of Hawaii regional cuisine.

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