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  • Play Hulo the Hawaiian Word Game

    On a recent Monday morning at Keauhou Beach Resort, Kumu Keala Ching led visitors in a game of Hulo!, a Hawaiian word game. At first glance, it reminded me of Scrabble, but I quickly learned Hulo! is a little more rambunctious than Scrabble.

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  • Hilo's Sig Zane Celebrates

    I saw on my Facebook page that celebrated its 7th anniversary online earlier this week. The post read, “If we were counting in dog years, we’re just turning one.” And, of course, that made me smile. Not only because I am a dog person, but the comment—that unique way of thinking—reminded me of a conversation I had with Sig last November.

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  • New Year's Resolution

    A couple weeks ago, a group of virtual writer friends started posting their goals for 2010. They could all be my own: Write more, publish more, stop procrastinating. But out of the dozens of New Year’s resolutions I read, one stood out. And ever since I read it, I have pondered it. Rolled it around in my mouth like my dog eats peanut M&Ms. Read More
  • Big Island and Hawaii Today

    You could fit all the other Hawaiian Islands onto the Big Island and still have a little room left over—hence the clever name. Locals refer to the island by side: Kona side to the west and Hilo side to the east. Most of the resorts, condos, and restaurants are crammed into 30 mi of the sunny Kona side, while the rainy, tropical Hilo side is much more local and residential.

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  • Wailoa Center

    This circular exhibition center, in Wailoa State Park, features shows by local artists that change monthly. Just in front of the center is a 12-foot-high bronze statue of King Kamehameha I, made in Italy in the late 1980s. Check out his gold Roman sandals. OPEN: Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri. 8:30--4:30; Wed. noon--4:30.

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