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  • New Year's Resolution

    A couple weeks ago, a group of virtual writer friends started posting their goals for 2010. They could all be my own: Write more, publish more, stop procrastinating. But out of the dozens of New Year’s resolutions I read, one stood out. And ever since I read it, I have pondered it. Rolled it around in my mouth like my dog eats peanut M&Ms. Read More
  • Hawaii’s St. Damien

    Pope Benedict XVI canonized Jozef De Veuster yesterday, Rosary Sunday, October 11, 2009. In Hawai'i, we know him as Father Damien.  He arrived in Hawai’i on March 19, 1864 as Brother Damien. Two months later, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace ordained him a priest. In 1873, Father Damien asked to be assigned to a peninsula on the north shore of Moloka’i, known as Kalaupapa, where he could minister to the 816 Hawaiians who had been exiled there, because they suffered from Hansen’s Disease.


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  • Hawaii's Summer Reading List

    You know how it is with Facebook. You receive emails from people with whom you graduated from high school 25 years ago. You receive emails from people you don’t know but who fanned the same group as you. You receive emails from people who say they know someone in common with you. And they all want to be your friend. That’s how it was with Mia King. I didn’t know Mia King. I hadn’t ever met her before. In her email, she said that I knew a good friend of hers and I knew her husband. She was right. On both accounts. Read More
  • Preserving Hawaiian Culture on Big Island

    Enjoy this video that we recently posted on  If you watch it all the way through, the last few comments will make you ponder a few things.  At least, they did for me.

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  • Aloha!

    “Aloha.” It’s a word we hear and use every day in the islands. It’s a Hawaiian word so common to the English language that it appears in most English dictionaries. My four-inch thick Webster’s Third New International Dictionary—which I have to dust off before every, infrequent use—gives the word’s definition as: LOVE, AFFECTION, KINDNESS—often used to express greeting or farewell.  And, yet, aloha can mean much more than that.
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  • Spotlight: Hawaiian Monk Seal

    Hawaiian monk seal at Waikiki AquariumThis rare seal is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and is found no where else in the world. Its primary natural habitat lies in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, the most remote part of the Hawaiian chain. Read More
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