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  • Punaluu Beach Park

    If you're making a circle of the island, this is a great stopping point to jump out of your car and stretch your legs. It's easy, because the sand literally comes up to your parked car, and nice, because there is a sandy bottom and mostly calm conditions. Plus there are full facilities and lots of shade trees. Often overlooked, and often overcast, Punaluu can afford you a moment fresh air before you get back to your sightseeing. Amenities: showers; toilets; parking (no fee). Best for: solitude, swimming.

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  • Pokai Bay Beach Park

    This gorgeous swimming and snorkeling beach is protected by a long breakwater left over from a now-defunct boat harbor. The beach's entire length is sand, and a reef creates smallish waves perfect for novice surfers. Amenities: toilets; parking (no fee). Best for: snorkeling, swimming, surfing.

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  • Papaoneone Beach

    You may have to do a little exploring to find Papaoneone Beach, which is tucked away behind three condos. Duck through a wide, easy-to-spot hole in the fence, and you find an extremely wide, sloping beach that always seems to be empty. You'll have to park on the street. The waters are that eerie blue found only on the west side. The waves can get high here (it faces the same direction as the famed Makaha Beach), but, for the most part, the shore break makes for great easy rides on your boogie board or belly. The only downside is that, with the exception of a shower, all the facilities are for the condos at the adjacent Beach Lovers Hawaii, so it's just you and the big blue. Amenities: showers. Best for: solitude, swimming (carefully).

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  • Mokuleia Beach Park

    There is a reason why the producers of the TV show Lost chose this beach for their set. On the remote northwest point of the island, it is about 10 miles from the closest store or public restroom; you could spend a day here and not see another living soul. And that is precisely its beauty—all the joy of being stranded on a deserted island without the trauma of the plane crash. The beach is wide and white, the waters bright blue (but a little choppy) and full of sea turtles and other marine life. Mokuleia is a great secret find; just remember to pack supplies and use caution, as there are no lifeguards. Amenities: parking (no fee). Best for: solitude.

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  • Malaekahana Beach Park

    The big attraction here is tiny Goat Island, a bird sanctuary just offshore. At low tide the water is shallow enough—never more than waist-high—so that you can wade out to it. Wear sneakers or aqua socks so you don't cut yourself on the coral. The beach itself is fairly narrow but long enough for a 20-minute stroll, one-way. The waves are never too big, and sometimes they're just right for the beginning bodysurfer. The entrance gates, which close at 6:45 pm, are easy to miss, and you can't see the beach from the road. Families love to camp in the groves of ironwood trees at Malaekahana State Park. Cabins are also available here, making a perfect rural getaway. Amenities: showers; toilets; parking (no fee). Best for: walking, swimming.

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