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  • No Task Is Too Big When Done Together

    Taro patch in Keanae, MauiIt was a cloudy Saturday morning. My weekend to-do list was as long as some of the lengthy street names around Hawaii, but weeks before, I had agreed to help weed a taro patch this morning. I looked outside at the cloud-shrouded mountain in my front yard and considered my options. Do I really want to pull weeds in the rain?

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  • Restoring Sacred Places

    The heiau, ancient stone temples, were at the center of an alii, or royal, center. Heiaus like this one at Kailua-Kona are being preserved and restored all across Hawaii. A deeper understanding of the past, helps create a culturally prosperous future – essential in the evolution of a prideful, flourishing society.

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  • Hawaii's Flora and Fauna

    white hibiscus, native hawaii plant, close upHawaii boasts every climate on the planet, excluding the two most extreme: arctic tundra and arid desert. The Islands have wine-growing regions, icy mountaintops, and the rainiest forests on earth. More than 90% of Hawaiian plants and animals are endemic, meaning they exist nowhere else on earth.
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  • Oahu Today

    Oahu—where Honolulu and Waikiki are—is the third-largest Hawaiian Island and has 75% of the state's population. Honolulu is the perfect place to experience the state's indigenous culture, the hundred years of immigration that resulted in today's blended society, and the tradition of aloha. The museums and historic and cultural sites will ground you, at least a bit, in Hawaii's history. The widest range of restaurants as well as the best nightlife in the Islands is here, too.

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  • Waikiki Shell

    Locals bring picnics and grab one of the 6,000 "grass seats" (lawn seating) for music under the stars (there are actual seats, as well). Concerts are held May 1 to Labor Day, with a few winter dates, weather permitting. Check newspaper entertainment sections to see who is performing.

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