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  • Hawaiiloa Sails Again

    Jerry Ongies likes to get things just right. “How tall is this?” he asks as he unclips the handy tape  measure attached to the waistband of his jeans. “About 18 inches?” He uncoils a length and stretches it across a box at his feet. It measures exactly 17 inches. “That’s too low,” he says. “Imagine you’ve got your stove in here, and you’re cooking. The whole thing is way too low.” Read More
  • The Languages in My Heart

    author photo of constanceConnie Hale likes to say she grew up bi-lingual--in English. She spoke "proper" English at home around the dinner table, but could let unfurl with a string of Pidgin around the schoolyard and beaches and cane fields and cattle ranches of Oahu's North Shore. In this article, Connie shares her love affair with the many sounds and languages you'll find spoken in Hawaii.

    Read More
  • Get to Know Hula. Get to Know Hawaii.

    hula dancer hands tell the storyHula is a uniquely Hawaiian dance performed with oli (chant) and mele (song) to convey the many stories and traditions of the Hawaiian people. These stories might be light-heared. They might be sensual. They may evoke a spiritual or worshipful essence. They may be told at breakneck speed or a hypnotic pace. Read More
  • Diversity in Islamic Art at Shangri La

    shangri la artwork“Islamic art dates from the 8th century to present day and pretty much encompasses the countries from southern Spain all the way to India, so Islamic art is very diverse,” said Barbara Buchman, taking cover from the bright sun in the shade of an 80-year-old banyan tree. “If you take away anything from my tour, that’s it. That Islamic art is very diverse.” Read More
  • Luana Maitland Shares Her Hawaiian Culture

    luana maitland teaches mother and daughter to string leiI was born and raised in Hawaii, and am three-quarters native Hawaiian by ancestry. My heritage is important to me, and I’ve always wanted to work somewhere where I could incorporate my culture in my daily work. Read More
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