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A Story of Hula

Posted by: Kim Steutermann Rogers
Destination: Hawaii Island , Kauai , Maui , Oahu
Sep 20, 2013

The more I get to know hula, the more I think I might want to dance.

Thing is, I've never considered myself a dancer.

When I was six, I quit ballet and ditched my tutu to join girls in a back room turning cartwheels and handsprings. I spent my high school years spiking volleyballs, shooting basketballs and hitting softballs. As an adult, I gravitated to golf and, then, paddling outrigger canoes. "Grace" is not my middle name.

But since moving to Hawaii nearly 14 years ago and getting to know hula a little more as each month tears off the calendar, I am starting to entertain the idea of joining a halau (troupe). I think what gets me is the sacredness that hula practitioners exhibit in their skill. As they extend their arms and reach their hands my way, I feel inexplicably drawn to their story. In a way, it's like I'm being hypnotized. Or I'm falling down a rabbit hole and entering another realm.

Please enjoy this newly-produced video about hula. In it, two kumu hula (master teachers) tell us their story of hula--what it is, what it means to them and why it might be so captivating.


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Manuela Hamm | Sep 21, 2013 02:59 AM

Dear Kim, If you think about to learn Hula dance, the first step is made. I myself decided to learn Hula dance in 2010. I got the inspiration during our vacation on the islands. But I learned it in Germany from a Hula teacher, who, herself, learned it at Hawaii. Everytime When I am dancing, I feel the Aloha spirit and it seems to me staying at the islands. This way, I am connected to paradise, to my Hawaiian friends and to the Hawaiian culture. So, take the second step :-) Aloha from Germany, Manuela

Michael | Sep 21, 2013 09:13 PM

Go for it. Then you can join Sabra and Yumi when you go to Nu'alolo. ;)

Kim | Sep 25, 2013 09:09 AM

Thanks for the encouragement, Manuela and Michael. It would take me decades to achieve any sort of grace. My body moves better wtih an outrigger canoe paddle in my hands. But I really like the idea of being a graceful hula dancer. I'm still toying with the idea. We'll see.

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