Is There Such a Thing as the Perfect Day in Paradise?

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Is There Such a Thing as the Perfect Day in Paradise?

Posted by: Kim Steutermann Rogers
Destination: Kauai
May 23, 2013

When you live in Hawaii, people don’t want to hear you complain about the weather. “Oh, cry me a river,” they say, or run a hand back and forth over a bent arm and mime playing a violin. On the flip side, when you live in Hawaii, people also don’t want to hear you talk about how spectacular the weather is.

But that’s just what I’m going to do today. Because sometimes the weather report on my iPhone doesn’t come anywhere near communicating the exact nature of “Eighty degrees and sunny.”

Not to rub anything in on anyone. Not to stand tall, waggle my rear end, and say, “I got the ice cream.” (That’s for all the early Eddie Murphy fans out there.) But today is a perfectly, marvelous, glorious, stand-out day. At least, in my little corner of paradise.

I share that with you to simply do that: Share. I’m bursting at the gratitude-for-nature seams here as I sit behind my computer. Because, really, I’d rather grab my adventure buddy Audrey and dive into the delicious, blue waters at Hanalei or Poipu. Or leash up my dogs, Nickel and Lulu, and hike Kalalau Trail along Kauai’s Napali Coast. But there’s this thing called work. Because, even though I live in Hawaii, I am not on a perpetual vacation, like some of my friends and family think. Too, there is also the matter of both a north and south swell hitting the island that might make Hanalei or Poipu less than enjoyable without a surf board—and I’m not much of  a surfer. There were also the frequent heavy rain showers over the weekend and erupting again yesterday evening as I monitored Kauai’s newest Hawaiian monk seal pup (pictured) that have, most likely, made the trails a tad muddy. (At least, those are the things I tell myself to soften the blow of missing out.)

On days like today, I often try to figure out what combination of elements goes into making it such a spectacular one. After all, it’s the same ingredients as any other. There’s the sun. The air. The ocean. The mountains. The forecast sounds like any other in a year of Hawaii days.

And, yet, things just feel different today. They look differently, too. And when you live in a place where the temperatures vary by degrees, your perceptions grow keen to those hair’s breadth differences in days.

I think the rain must have had something to do with it. It scrubbed the mountains clean and left the air sharper. And maybe the angle of the spring sun contributed like the perfect dash of crunchy sea salt added to an entrée of macadamia crusted ahi. Light changes dramatically throughout the course of a single day, and it does the same—but with a more subtle effect—throughout the year. I mean the color of the water today at Kealia on Kauai’s east side is a delicious shade of blue that reminds me of blueberry Jello. I could just eat it.

No matter where you live, there are days that stand out from the others. Days that demand to be noticed and regaled. This morning was one of them. If this day had a ring on its royal finger for me to kiss, I would. On bended knee.

But as those of you who know the story of Eddie Murphy’s ice cream cone, this afternoon may fall on the floor. We’ve had a string of evening showers of late. But even if it does rain later, I’ll still be grateful for the amazing day we’ve had thus far.


Susan | May 24, 2013 07:40 AM

I can tell you exactly why yesterday was such a spectacular, I-can't-believe-it's-so-beautiful- kinda day... my first day back on the island. That's why. It was awesome just for me, to make me appreciate just one more little bit how lucky I am to live Kauai. I could actually SMELL the warmth in the air. The almost full moon added the crowning glory.

Brandon | May 28, 2013 05:09 PM

But the afternoon showers cap off the perfect day! Nature and life at its finest in the most beautiful place on earth. We are certainly blessed to live in such an astonishingly gorgeous place.

Kim | May 28, 2013 05:42 PM

You are absolutely correct, Brandon. On both points: Afternoon showers keep us cool, green and create rainbows and waterfalls. And we are blessed to live in Hawaii. I look around and think that all the time;-)

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